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Tai Chi History

In his own preface to the ‘Encyclopedia of Taijiquan’ published in 1933, Yang Cheng-Fu recorded a sentence attributed to his grandfather Yang Lu-Chan. “Taijiquan was created by Zhang San-Feng at the end of the Song Dynasty. Development continued through one, Wang Zhongyue, Chen Zhouting, Zhang Songki, Jiang Fa.” Xu Zhiyi said something similar in his ‘General Introduction to Taijiquan’, published ...

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History of Taiji

Tai Chi has various different styles and variations, each of which has its own lineage and date of origin. Some forms of Tai Chi focus on health while others stress competition or self-defense. There are so many different stories that describe the origins of Tai Chi that the real one remains a mystery. Tai Chi is associated with numerous health ...

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